The company INTECON provides building supplies as a "turnkey supplies".

It means ensuring the implementation of the project at all levels including complete delivery of buildings, machinery and equipment:

Ensuring of supply for construction

  • processing of supply system and the list of demanded suppliers
  • ensuring tenders / demands for the selection of suppliers including assessment
  • cooperation with the investor while contracts ensuring
  • control of invoices   

General contractor’s activities - completion work

  • project management, coordination of subcontractors
  • technical supervision of general contractor for construction implementation
  • inspection of supplies, quality control
  • receipt, storage system piece deliveries
  • price controls, invoicing
  • site control project processing and ensuring its implementation

Subcontractor’s supplies

  • delivery of subcontractors
  • activities of subcontractors (assembly, participation in control process, etc.)
  • reserves of construction