About Intecon

I N T E C O N spol. s r. o. (Ltd.)

Engineering company which offers project engineering and consulting services (INdustrial TEchnologies and CONstruction).

I N T E C O N was established to provide complete services including:

  • technical and commercial feasibility studies
  • documentation for planning permission
  • engineering services during planning permission stage
  • outline and detail design engineering
  • procurement of specialist machinery and equipment
  • site establishment, site supervision and plant commissioning

I N T E C O N has a team of highly qualified and experienced staff whose achievements include:

  • planning, control and day - to - day running of technically complex, high value, construction projects
  • application of computer techniques to support project and engineering services using AutoCAD, AutoPLANT 3D, AutoCAD Architecture, Word, Excel, KROS etc.
  • ability to communicate in technical English, German and French
  • ability to write contract documents (commercial and legal sections)
  • certified to CSN EN ISO 9001:2001