Storage of liquid and solid chemicals- I. Stage, Prague, CR - NEUBER BRENNTAG s. r. o. Praha

Project: Storage of liquid and solid chemicals- I. Stage, Prague, CR
Client: Neuber Brenntag AG, Germany / Neuber Brenntag s. r. o. (Czech r.)

Contractors: Civil part - VODNÍ STAVBY a.s., divize Teplice
Technological part: - WILHEM JÄKLE GmbH Nürnberg, GER

Project work: 09/1996 - 11/1997
Construction: 09/1997 - 05/1998
Investments: 110/ 40 mil CZK (Total/Civil)

Technical data

Construction of storage and distribution plant for solid and liquid chemicals storing and filling. There are solid and liquid chemicals stored and delivered to clients. New built plant contains new and reconstructed storage halls with installed 18 above-surface double skinned tanks each with nominal volume of 30 m3. The chemicals will be filled into smaller cans there.Further the plant contains wastewater treatment, roads, lay-bys, buried services, loading/ unloading place for road tankers and railway tanks. The elaboration of Basic Design documentation for the territory and construction proceedings, Detail Design documentation, site supervision, and engineering services were provided for the client.