Extension of the SAI Mladá Boleslav Plant, CR - FAURECIA - SAI AUTOMOTIVE s r.o.

Project: Extension of the SAI Mladá Boleslav Plant, CR
Client: Sommer Allibert SA, France / Sommer Allibert Bohemia s r.o. (CZ)

Technological Part: Client- Sommer Allibert (France)
Civil Part: FCC a.s.

Project work: 09/2000 - 03/2001
Construction: 10/2000 - 06/2001
Investments: 150 mil. CZK (Civil Part)

Technological Part

Ensuring of production and storing of plastic parts for passenger cars. Plastic parts are moulded by injection method from raw granulate. Storing silos for raw granulate, overhead travelling crane 20 and 40 t, cooling and compressor station are parts of the plant.

Civil part

Production and storing building by dimensions of 99 x 82 m, 12 m height, steel framework, sandwich curtain walls, piled foundations, 40 t crane in one bay. Administrative building-in (meal preparation, dinning room, welfare facilities, offices, ventilation machine room) are in the hall. Roads for heavy traffic, parking places for 100 cars. Buried services- rain drainage and sewerage with retention pool and discharge