GA Turnov-Ohrazenice - GRUPO ANTOLIN TURNOV s.r.o.

Project: GA Turnov-Ohrazenice

Contractors: Syner s.r.o. (Civil Part) Client + suppliers (technological part)

Project Work: 07/2002 - 04/2003
Construction: 12/2002 - 06/2003
Scope of work: INTECON spol. s r.o. have ensured the Detail Design of technological part (Production process and service block project) incl. the co-ordination of civil part.

Technological Part

The Plant produces assembly sets for automotive industry made from thermoplastics.

Basic operation is moulding of thermoplastics made by automatic injection machines. The process continues by machining of the mouldings, inserts assembly, checking, storing and expedition.

All energies and services (electricity, cooling water, pressure air and granule) are supplied by „energy-tunnel“ above the production floor level.

Civil Part

One-storey production hall by dimensions 80 x 70m, prefabricated skeleton from reinforced concrete by modulus 10 m. Moulding section with pillar span of 2x 20 m containing crane track and there is a column span of 2x30 m in the assembly and storing section. Two-storey annex of administration and welfare building (98 x 12 m), and annex containing energy-centre, store a material pre-paration (15 x 70 m).