Distribution Storage of Liquid Chemicals - Chemproha Chemie Partner B.V., Holland

Project: Distribution Storage of Liquid Chemicals
Client: Brenntag AG The Netherlands / Chemproha Chemie Partner B.V., The Netherlands
Location: Zwijndrecht, The Netherlands

Technological Part: Schwaben Kunststoff GmbH, Germany
Civil Part: Bouwbedrijf Obdeijn B.V., The Netherlands

Project Work: 07/1999 - 03/2000
Construction: 05/2000 - 12/2000
Investments: 6,5/ 2 mil. EUR (Total / Civil)

Technological Part

Build up the filling and parking places for 8 road tanks, pump station, storing- capacity 720 m3 (24 pcs. of above-surface double skinned tanks, each with nominal volume of 30 m3 ), packages, barrels and containers filling.

Construction contains neutralisation station for con-taminated sewerage water and waste gas treatment unit consisting of 6 waste gas washers.

Civil Part

Storage building - 45 x 32 m, 12 m height, carrying steel construction, sandwich jacket, foundation on the piles. The Basic Design, Detail Design and complete engineering services (except the negotiations with local authorities) ware provided for the client.